5 Common Types of Locks

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January 30, 2017
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5 Common Types of Locks

When it comes to securing a property, one of the top considerations to have is the lock system. It can be tempting to settle for the most popular lock types, but each of these types actually have their specific purpose and security level. With this, it is important to learn about these types first before deciding on the lock to use for a specific part of the property.

We list down the top 5 lock types that you can choose from. All of them have guaranteed reliability and durability.

Cam Locks

This is one of the most common types of locks due to its affordability and availability in the market. Cam locks are also extremely easy to in     stall, especially in wooden framed doors. It’s a type of cylinder lock that can be easily twisted by a key to be unlocked. Cam locks are also the best option for tighter spaces including furniture and bathroom doors.

In terms of security level though, cam locks are not necessary recommended by locksmith for highly secured properties since almost cam locks product in the market these days, regardless of price can be easily broken in with some force. With this, our locksmith experts suggest to use cam locks in generally less crucial areas including bathroom, storage room, and pantry.

Deadbolt locks

A more secure version of cam locks, deadbolt locks also has a cylinder mechanism installed in the door frame and unlocked through an external keyhole. When the door is locked, the bold will protrude from the frame, with the strike plate ensuring that the deadbolt won’t be tampered even with force. Deadbolts have more complex installation, and may this require a professional locksmith. However, this has been proven to be effective in securing external doors. Deadbolt locks should not be the lone lock system installed in an entry point.

Here is how to choose the right deadbolt locks:

Glass door locks

Glass door locks alone come in several types including both cam and deadbolt locks. Other types of locks may also be used like combination locks and ratchet style for sliding glass doors. While the mechanisms of these locks are basically the same with their normal counterpart, glass door locks are specifically designed to fit the aesthetics of the glass entry. They should not look too pervasive to ruin the look of glass doors. Installation and repair needs to be administered by a licensed locksmith to achieve a more seamless look for the door.

Combination Lock

One of the most common reasons why people get locked out is missing or forgotten keys. This is the optimum solution for these common problems. Secure high valued things and properties within the security of a number combined locks. This type of lock is more popularly used for vaults and furniture, but some rooms these days are also using this keyless lock system. It may be the easier one to use but the installation is rather more complex, and thus require a professional locksmith to set-up.

Stealth Locks

A more high-end version of the traditional combination locks, this type of lock system is mounted on the door where a numerical pad is protruding for the access. It also makes use of number combination in order to facilitate access inside a room. This is a recommended lock type for high-valued properties like clinics, offices, and banks.

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