Top 10 Samsung Digital Door Lock Reviews in Singapore


Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of digital door locks. While there are many digital door lock brands in the Singapore market, none comes close to beating Samsung regarding popularity and demand. You can credit that to the fact that Samsung digital locks boast superior design, reliability, and functionality.

Samsung provides a range of digital door locks that are specifically designed to meet the needs of residential and commercial buildings in Singapore. These locks are equipped with various features to ensure maximum security and convenience, including Bluetooth functionality and a mechanical override key.

There’s a wide selection of Samsung digital lock Singapore products, including their Push Pull Door Lock, to choose from, and we’re going to look at some of the best options.


Our top Rated Samsung Product Review

#1 – Samsung SHS-DP738 Digital Lock

The Samsung SHP-DP738 is the latest model of PUSH-PULL digital door lock with a better fingerprint recognition with IMDA approval. It supports four different types of authentications to unlock using the smartphone app, number pad, mechanical key and fingerprint. You can easily unlock your door with your smartphone for your guest anyway.

It also provides a built-in sensor to detect abnormal high temperature which will trigger the alarm and flashing light at door lock to alert everyone. The lock will automatically unlock to speed up the escape from fire.

Premium lock design that does not compete with the overall aesthetics of your house. You can choose between access via your phone or the traditional password method.

Key Features:

  • Smart access: mobile phone, fingerprint, mechanical, and pin code
  • AES-128 Encryption
  • Highly responsive sensor
  • Push/pull design

Enjoy peace of mind with this trusted Samsung digital lock that is also hacker-proof.

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#2 – Samsung SHP-DP708 Digital Door Lock

The Samsung SHP-DR708 is a premium digital door lock with SMART IoT and built-in WiFi with IMDA approval. It supports five different types of authentications which include NFC, number pad, smartphone app, mechanical key and fingerprint.

It equipped with an IR sensor to detect any suspicious movements for a continued of time; the door will sound a warning siren. Any attempted force of entry will trigger the alarm immediately.

Dubbed as Samsung’s most advanced digital lock, which is WiFi IoT Enabled. It also comes with a regular visitor easy access for more convenient entry of your usual, expected guests.

Key Features:

  • App-enabled security control
  • Multiple entry access (mobile, fingerprint, mechanical, pin code)
  • Up to 100 fingerprints capacity
  • Best battery Life

This lock basically has everything that you are looking for in a digital lock, especially the easy visitor pass and remote access control.

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#3 – Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Lock

What makes the Samsung SHS-2920 stand out from its competitors is that it is equipped with a heat sensor and a burglar alert to enhance security. This door lock features a slim tactile keypad.  It allows you to obtain access using RFID card or password. It also has double verification and auto-locking functionalities.

Highly responsive door sensor. Offers card, touch, or pin access. One easy entry with a push-pull feature.

Other Features:

  • Dual security and welcome function
  • Fast RF Detection
  • Slim and Glossy Design
  • One-touch security

This lock is on the cheaper side but still does the job well. It offers PIN and card access and had automatic and manual door lock mode. You can also customise the unlock tone to your liking if you want a more personal touch on your digital lock.

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#4 – Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Fingerprint Lock

What sets the SHS-P718 apart from other digital door locks in its range is that it can be connected with Samsung Smart Home systems. Therefore, you can integrate your lock with security systems such as surveillance cameras and security sensors, creating an all-inclusive home security system that bolsters the safety of your property.

If you want to grant access to your loved ones and associates, its 100-fingerprint capacity will come in handy. You can always withdraw this access whenever you want to. The touchscreen of this door lock is impressive and gives it a digital flair.



#5 – Samsung SHP-DH525 Digital Door Lock

The Samsung SHP-DH525 presents you the unmatched convenience of Bluetooth communication. Granting access to friends, guests, or loved ones has never been easier. Namely, this digital door lock allows you to register multiple users, each with their own phone, KeyTag, or code thanks to its capacity for 20 RFID users and eight Bluetooth devices.

This lock also features an integrated lock and handle and offers a complete locking solution. With its automatic locking feature, you’ll feel secure as it locks behind you whenever you enter the house. It also has a long battery life.

#6 – Samsung SHP-DS510 Smart Lock

This Smart Deadbolt Lock is one of the newest entrants in the world of digital deadbolt locks. It allows you to register up to 100 users each with their PIN numbers or RFID key tags.

#7 – Samsung SHP-DP728 Digital Fingerprint Lock

The Samsung SHP-DP728 makes it easy to grant controlled access to your friends, loved ones, and associates as it can accommodate up to 100 fingerprints and up to 30 RFID cards or PIN codes.

If its three access options – PIN, Fingerprint, and RFID card – fail, you can use the mechanical master key. What’s more, this digital door lock is equipped with a 70-cm range motion detector. It’s a PUSH PULL door lock, which makes it easy to operate.

It’s equipped with voice guidance for programming, which makes it easy to install and use.

You can install this digital lock on any wooden door and pair it with an elegant passage or level set. Its battery can serve you for up to two years. Some of its remarkable security features include intrusion detection, random security code, and privacy mode.

This unit is the first Push and Pull model of an electric door lock. It’s authentication methods includes Bluetooth, Fingerprint, RFID card and Passcode. It also has a motion detector via an IR sensor that can detect suspicious movements around the area.

Key Features:

  • Comes in four elegant shades: dark silver, gold, bronze, noble gold
  • Optimal remote control capability
  • Automatic and manual mode

It also automatically wakes up when it detects motion. You can even use your handphone to lock the door using the blue tooth instantly.

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#8 – Samsung Korea SHP-DP710 Digital Door Lock

This digital door lock series is guaranteed to be hazard-free, as it was made and design using harmless substances. It is a family-friendly, and even comes with a silent mode feature for a more peaceful stay.

Key features:

  • Magic number dual security
  • Welcome function
  • Battery notification
  • High-temperature sensory function

This lock was made not just with safety in mind; it also prioritises the convenience and east of its owners, providing you with the peace of mind that you need most in your own home.

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#9 – Samsung SHS-H700  Smart Digital Door Lock

You can put an end to worrying whether you have locked our door before leaving the house with this smart lock system that Samsung provides:

Key features:

  • Touch screen
  • Access through credit card, password, key tag
  • User-friendly
  • Away-mode

This is perfect for those who are always on travel. The away-mode of this digital lock can be easily activated in one click given you the long-term security even if you are away.

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#10 – Samsung SHS 1321 Digital Door Lock

Easy-install and sleek digital lock that fits any home design. It comes with an auto-lock and double lock feature for your security.

Key features:

  • Double authentication mode with password and RF card
  • Anti-theft Mode
  • Keypad volume control
  • Luxury design

One of the best security features of this digital door lock is the random security code, which prevents theft from figuring out your passcode through fingerprints. The number pad is randomised every time so there will be no consistent trace of your fingerprint.

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The Benefits Of Samsung Digital Door Locks Compared To Others

Samsung digital locks are constructed with sophisticated technology, which puts them ahead of other popular digital lock solutions. With features such as fingerprint recognition, built-in Bluetooth unlock function and cutting edge design, Samsung digital locks create an unmatched level of reliability and trust among users. That’s the primary reason why this brand of digital locks enjoys a considerable demand in Singapore.

Moreover, every Samsung Digital Door Lock is subjected to rigorous safety and quality certification tests against electric shocks, fire, and other risks. With a surge-resistant circuit design, fire detection capability, and a manual access feature in case all other access options fail, these door locks can survive virtually any situation. Find out more here.

History of Samsung Digital Lock

Samsung has been a staple name in technology and innovation. Digital locks have been one of their leading products not just in Asia, but worldwide, as well. Throughout the years, the company has managed to come up with sophisticated digital lock products, which have likewise been a massive hit in Singapore. Samsung digital locks are all about seamless access, intrusion proof, and easy installation.

There is also no need to worry about dual locks because Samsung digital locks readily come with a dual lock function.

In recent years, the company has also launched its remote control, security, and access feature, aided with the advent of smartphones.


Besides saving you the agony of carrying around a large set of keys and worrying about losing them, digital door locks have several other benefits. They are pick proof and great for keeping burglars away. They allow for easy access control and are aesthetically appealing thanks to their stylish and sleek designs.

There is a wide selection of digital lock brands available on the market, but Samsung digital door locks have proven to be superior to them all. They boast robust technology and more valuable features for maximum security and convenience, including Bluetooth access and push/pull functionality.

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What are the popular Samsung digital door locks in Singapore? 🇸🇬

  • Samsung SHS-DP738 Digital Lock and Samsung SHP-DP708 Digital Door Lock have been famous in Singapore. They offer top-notch security and state of the art technology.

What is The Benefits Of Samsung Digital Door Locks Compared To Others? 😌

  • They offer sophisticated technology and has rigorous quality and safety certification tests that provide not only top-notch products but also secure ones.

Should I Get a Digital Door Lock?

  • For houses and offices, the digital door lock is recommended. It provides additional security for a room while also giving more convenience that key doors can’t provide